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Grocery Fund

In our community, grocers regularly sell on credit. When the unpaid bill reaches over a thousand dollars, grocers face a difficult and unpleasant decision. Do they cut off the credit of a poor, struggling family or do they continue to operate their store at a loss?

Grocery Fund

Sadly, in many cases, the grocer must stop providing the poor family with their basic food needs. In fact, Tomche Shabbos once received a phone call from a woman who tearfully explained that she had just fed her hungry children popcorn for breakfast before sending them off to school. “Now that the popcorn’s gone,” she explained, “I have nothing left to feed them when they come home later today.” The totality of debt owed to Monsey-area kosher supermarkets is currently approximately $3.6 million. People have substantial supermarket bills that they cannot pay. They are really suffering, but some can’t even bear to ask for help. At times, Tomche Shabbos can help by negotiating a deal with the supermarket to somehow help such families pay off those bills.

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