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Making a Simcha

  • Make your Simcha more meaningful.
  • Invite the poor to join in your Simcha
  • So far 3,456 weddings sponsored

Years ago there was a beautiful custom of inviting poor people to actually eat at a simcha - it was called the Aniyim Table. A special table would be set aside where Aniyim (poor) were invited to sit and partake of the festivities. Though times have changed, and practically speaking our lifestyle doesn't allow for poor people to actually come and join the simcha, Tomche Shabbos has revived this custom in an interesting manner.

"The Aniyim Table"

Imagine how meaningful it would be to celebrate your simchah knowing that you have contributed to a modern-day “aniyim table.” The logistics are simple. Choose how many needy families you wish to sponsor and let us know which week to deliver the Shabbos food packages in your honor. It will be as though you had invited these families to be guests at your simchah! 

This project, which was conceived of and is still run by Mrs. Erica Shulman, provides people the opportunity to have the poor of their community participate in their simchos. To arrange to share your simchah with struggling families, please call Mrs. Erica Shulman at 845-352-1175.



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