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Job Placement

The single greatest thing you can do for an entire family is to help an out-of-work breadwinner find a job.

A family going through a financial crisis suffers through much more than worries over how to pay the next mortgage bill and how much longer they can stall the electric company before they shut off their electricity (again). It exacts an emotional toll that is incalculable. Normal, everyday families change overnight and find themselves on edge with each other. Children secretly - and often alone - struggle with thoughts of quiet desperation. This letter was penned by a young single girl whose family had fallen on hard times.

You cannot imagine what it feels like for a girl who is at the age of shidduchim to go to sleep at night wondering if and when her parents will lose her house. Who will go out with me, a girl whose family has no money? How can we pay for my wedding when we cannot even pay for our groceries? Am I destined to be single forever? How can I even save up for my own wedding when all the money I earn in my job is going to pay for my family's necessities? Lately, I have been unable to sleep at night. When I do fall asleep, my dreams are restless, full of uncertainty, financial instability.

When we discuss a financial crisis, we are not talking about only a lack of money. We are talking about lack of stability, lack of security. We are talking about an entire family forced onto a gale-force emotional roller coaster. Most of all, we are talking about real people, like you and me, who find themselves in unimaginable situations.

It's so important to help people help themselves. When someone has a job, his outlook on life is better, his family life gets better. By asking us how you can help Partners in Parnosoh you can make an immeasurable difference in the lives of so many people.

Partners in Parnosoh, a division of Tomche Shabbos of Rockland County, expends significant effort at arranging employment for unemployed residents of the greater Monsey, New Square community. Retaining hundreds of resumes in its databank, more than 280 jobs have been arranged to date. This has been accomplished at no cost to either the employer or the newly employed. To participate in this vital initiative, please inform the Tomche Shabbos office of any job opening via the form below:

For employers with job openings: Employer Questionnaire

For candidates seeking a job: Employee Questionnaire

Alternatively, email

If you need help with learning new skills for a new job, please see our job training page.