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Passover Campaign

  • 900 Families Receive:
  • Fruits, Vegetables, Drinks
  • Chicken and Fish
  • Matzah, Wine

100% of your donation pays for food distributed to poverty stricken families and children for the Passover Holiday. Enjoy the Passover Seder with your family knowing that another family is also enjoying due to your generosity.

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Never before  have so many people been out of work due to illness or job elimination, and never before have so many families been unable to provide their families with the basics for Passover. Here at Tomche Shabbos we have taken upon ourselves the commitment of providing more than 900 families with all their food for Passover. This is a significant undertaking which cannot be accomplished without your assistance.


Here is what it takes to provide 900 families with food for Passover:

11,000 pounds of hand-baked shmurah matzos

6,600 bottles of 64-ounces of grape juice

24,000 pounds of chicken

50,000 pounds of potatoes

35,520 pounds of apples

45,000 pounds of oranges

6,200 rolls of Gefilte Fish

24,000 dozen eggs!


May Hashem repay you for your participation.


Please call 845-357-5885 and press extension #3 to discuss availability of sponsorships.

Watch Our Volunteers Prepare Food Packages For Passover.

Our efforts in action

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