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Job Training

In today’s fast-moving economy, more and more people completely change what they do several times during their working career. More and more people find themselves out of work despite their training, experience and best efforts

A husband and wife both worked and they lived modestly. About two years ago the wife was laid off. Shortly thereafter the husband’s hours were cut at the office and he became a part-time employee. Then last year he was laid off. Meanwhile expenses kept climbing.

Some find themselves unemployed for the first time. Intelligent and experienced in a field in which they cannot find a job, they discover that they are unable to land that next all important position because they lack even the necessary and most basic computer and business skills. The income that could make a big difference in their family is frustratingly beyond reach.

Enter Partners in Parnosoh.

Whether seeking a second career or a first job, Partners in Parnosoh offers the training they need to restore a sense of normalcy and dignity to their homes. Adults of all types from all backgrounds have found the wherewithal to hunker down and get the re-education and/or training they need to succeed. If they are willing to make the effort, their community must help them in any way it can. You are that community and you can help.

An orthodontist teamed up with a website optimizer and a few friends to create adult education classes where basic business and computer skills are taught. Clearly they had concerns since they have never done anything like this before. However, their efforts have blossomed and today there is a waiting list of people eager to enter these nightly that run for several months so that they can get the skills that will make a difference in their lives.

Ask us how you can help. You will be surprised what it difference you can make in the lives of others… and in your own life!

Partners in Parnosoh, a division of Tomche Shabbos of Rockland County, provides adult education to unemployed members of the greater Monsey, New Square community. Courses include QuickBooks, Excel, Microsoft Word, Business Communication, and interview skills, and are held in a local yeshiva computer lab. Each of the three semesters held each year run approximately 10 weeks long. All instructors are volunteers. Costs for each course are $100, with a full refund upon completion provided the student attended all classes for which he or she registered, and submits a resume.

If you need assistance with job training, please email us at