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Shiva Fund

  • Financial help for funerals and burials

Halachah urges neighbors to ensure that those sitting shiva be allowed to do so without economic distress. Thanks to our unique program, mourners are relieved of the crushing burden of unpaid bills.

About our Shiva Fund

For families who live in dire poverty, financial stress accompanies them even during the most painful times. Tomche Shabbos of Rockland County helps the community to fulfill its halachic responsibility in a discreet and respectful manner. A volunteer visits households in the community where shiva is being observed, regardless of the family’s perceived financial situation. The mourner receives an envelope containing cash and information about a Tomche Shabbos money lock box, where all or part of the money may be returned. The Tomche Shabbos lock box is not opened until after several such visits, thereby assuring complete anonymity even from Tomche Shabbos volunteers.

Our efforts in action

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