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Purim Campaign

  • Funds are distributed on Purim - Bo Bayom

By contributing to the Purim Campaign, you will know that your donation is going to people who truly need it. Your funds will be given directly to local poor families on Purim, allowing you to fulfill the mitzvah of matanos l'evyonim in the preferred way.

End Hunger on Purim

Tomche Shabbos believes that every Jew deserves to celebrate Purim with joy and satiety. You can make it happen.

All funds earmarked for this fund are distributed on Purim day. Besides the funds that are distributed, complete Purim Seudos are delivered fresh directly from a local restaurant to needy families. 


Our Unforgettable Purim Clown!!!

Several years ago, a car pulled into the Rosenstock’s driveway on Purim afternoon. A man dressed in a clown suit emerged and asked whether he could leave a check for Tomche Shabbos. After Mr. Alan Rosenstock answered in the affirmative, the clown handed him a sealed envelope and returned to his car without uttering another word. Mr. Rosenstock called after him, asking for his name, but the clown continued to his car and drove away. When Mr. Rosenstock opened the envelope, he found a check for five thousand dollars made out to Tomche Shabbos. The check bore no personal name or address but had been issued instead through a local charitable organization.

The Nitay Gavriel (84:6:9) quotes the Kol Aryeh, suggesting that one of the reasons we dress up on Purim is so that the needy can hide their identity and be spared embarrassment while collecting tzedakah. This kindhearted clown, who remembered those in pain on one of the most joyous days of the year, proved that there is yet another reason to don costumes: so that heroes among us can give generously while remaining anonymous!

Our efforts in action

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