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What an Angel Looks Like

This is one of my favorite letters:

To the wonderful staff of Tomche Shabbos.
I want to share an incident that we will never forget.
It was a cold, wintry Thursday night; a snow flurry has begun outside
My wife and I heard a soft thud at the front door, signaling that our Shabbos had arrived. Not just the Seudos-the Simcha, warmth and glow of the Shabbos are all there. (How can these things be captured in a box?)
For once, overcome by curiosity, my wife hurried to the window while I followed behind. We were just in time to catch a glimpse of a figure disappearing through the fresh snow, huddled against the biting winds.
We were transfixed by the scene. We knew we were looking through a window into a higher world-a world where the weather, the time, the commitments play no role; just doing Chessed.
Finally, my wife broke the silence, as she said softly, “Now I know what a Angel looks like…”
Our means are hopelessly inadequate to repay you. We can only daven that you and your Angels merit to see how your efforts bring the Mashiach speedily.
A Grateful recipient