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Social Security is Not Enough

This signed e-mail was received on October 10, 2012

Good morning, Alan-
Now that we are past the Yomim Tovim, we are at that point where our circumstances become significantly more difficult. Our Unemployment Insurance expires at the end of October, meaning, the 26 week allowance NYS gives will have been used up by that time. Extensions for UI have been cancelled effective 30 December based on the good news that the economy has come roaring back to life. Go to the NYS-DOL if you'd like confirmation - of the cancellations, at least.
Since it is unknown at this point if we will get the extensions, one scenario basically puts us in catastrophe mode perhaps as soon as the end of the month, the other, at the end of December.
Up until now, I have applied for hundreds of jobs, and have not had so much as a single interview. At this point, I am ready to hang up the towel, so to say, for it looks like an altogether impossible situation which my particular kind of background and age simply can not overcome. 
I feel confident that we have both done our hishtadalus - but that effort has produced no results. It is time to take a different approach.
Since there is now a 100% likelihood that I will NOT find any kind of IT related work - I have no choice but to consider any kind of work that I am at least physically capable of doing. Hopefully, this does not mean bagging groceries at Rockland Kosher (which, in any case, seems to have long been co-opted by our Spanish speaking "chevra" in all the supermarkets). But, what else is there? We can not survive on Social Security alone - there is no other source of income other than what's in the checkbook - and that will be exhausted very quickly.
My wife's cancer surgery turned out successfully, B'H, but there are still months of radiation therapy and other treatments she will need. 
I'm not sure how much she will be able to work, at least not initially.
What else can we do, Alan? To whom can we turn for help? How will we put food on the table, or pay our basic bills? Our SS will cover the rent and the O&R bill (assuming they don't jack it up this winter), but little else. How will we keep the phones and the internet on - since that's the only link to the outside world and the basis of our technological society now. How will I put gas in the car - to travel to any job I might actually get? Is there some "office manager" type job that might consider hiring me? Any data-entry jobs? I'm out of ideas - and burned out from the stress of it all - and need help.
You know also of my situation with SS until I turn 66 next April 16 - so, ideally, any kind of payment for work in cash, until then, would seem to be the way to go, assuming that there IS a way to go!!! But, but, but...
Please call when you have a chance - I am terribly worried about the effect all the stress is having on my wife - it is not simply a matter of saying "have emunah and betochin" - which are words easily spoken, but which have little or no meaning to the ones they are spoken to when there has been no sign or resolution for so long.
I look forward to hearing from you. Soon.