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Embarrassed and Humiliated

This letter was received via e-mail on February 15, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013
I hope this letter finds you in good times. Unfortunately, times have been quite difficult for our family. As you may know, my wife lost her job a couple of years ago and has been trying to build her own business. Her efforts were stalled last year when she underwent two surgeries and a strenuous recovery period that lasted most of the year. It was only a couple of months ago that her health really got back to normal. However, we are still paying off medical bills from the surgery and recovery time. As I am the only full time worker in the family, my weekly paycheck is severely insufficient to cover all the bills, expenses and living costs that are on my shoulders. I have been vigorously trying to find a better employment opportunity, but have been unsuccessful thus far. For many months I have been praying and hoping that one day it will be better, but that one day hasn’t come yet. 
We are now one week away from Purim and 5 weeks away from Pesach. This is supposed to be a happy and joyous time for our nation. Yet, once again, I am approaching these awesome days with depression, frustration and sadness as I calculate all the long outstanding bills and expenses in addition to the upcoming holiday costs. 
I have a stack of termination and collection notices on my desk from various companies i.e. utilities, phones, schools, car payments, health care providers, student loans, legal fees and even the mortgage company. In addition to all these headaches, our house is also in dire need of repair. We have a few areas in the house with toxic mold growing, the shower in the master bathroom leaks in to the basement, and the guest bathroom is on verge of collapse as the floor boards and sheetrock have rotted away. We have some cracked and drafty windows and a broken door in need of replacement. The dishwasher broke a long time ago and has not been fixed yet. The list is much longer when populated with secondary items. All of these projects are long overdue but are continually being delayed due to the lack of available funds to rectify them. 
With a pained heart and tearful eyes, I sincerely ask that you have mercy on my family and help us get back on our feet. I really try very hard to avoid writing letters like this as it is truly embarrassing, humiliating and degrading to ask others for money.  Your financial assistance at this time is most appreciated. If you are able to help up at this time please let me know. I sincerely ask that you keep the contents of this letter strictly confidential. 
Please accept my sincerest appreciation for your kindness and generosity.