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What Should I Feed the Children?

Another letter reads:

Unfortunately my marriage has dissolved because my husband didn’t want to be committed to me and our children any longer. People tell me that the children and I are better off. What my friends don’t know is that I barely have what to feed the children. My love and devotion to raising beautiful gems is enough only to a certain point. Then finances rule, and when each week comes and I need to plan for Shabbos, I’m in trouble.

When I put my little ones to sleep at night, we read, give each other a kiss, and say Shema. Then I go to the kitchen table with my wallet, and try to figure out how I can manage to make the best Likovod Shabbos Kodesh. I don’t have a checking account, I’m without a car to keep my expenses as low as I can, and I still can’t seem to have enough in my wallet for the weekdays as well as Shabbos meals.