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Please Come!

These are excerpts from a letter left at my front door on January 2, 2014

I knew you would come tonight. Although it was freezing & the blizzard already started, I knew that you would come. I kept opening the door to check for my box but didn’t see it. Well maybe this time you wouldn’t come. No! I had this strange comforting feeling that you would! Then I saw what looked like a pick-up truck with bright lights and a snow plow rumbling down my block. Yes- you made it! I opened the door and saw the freshly made footprints in the snow, brought in my box, and whispered "You are my angels"! Who is like this wonderful nation? In the frozen weather, to pack, deliver, transport, and carry heavy boxes in the dark of night to families in need. I am mind boggled at times not just tonight, but is was so much more apparent now. 
May Hashem grant you the strength to continue to do His will.
A very grateful recipient of Tomchei Shabbos.