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Tomche Shabbos - Sold Our Furniture

This signed e-mail was received on February 21, 2012

Less than a year ago I moved here with my family in hopes of finding a better life for my family.
In July of last year you helped me find a job and then in August we started receiving Tomche Shabbos food every Thursday night which we are very grateful for.
However we now find ourselves in a grave situation. Our electricity is getting disconnected as I cant even make the minimum payment and we are loosing our home as I can't make the rent.
I beg you Mr. Rosenstock to help us. We can't find anywhere to move to, that we can afford. 
We've had to sell our furniture just to put food on the table.
If you or anyone you know can help please please help. 
You have my resume and I am attaching another copy just in case. I need help. If there are any availability's with another company or someone you know who might be able to use my experiences and skills please pass my resume onto them.
A name of someone or an idea, anything. I don't know anyone else here, in Monsey so I'm begging you for help.
Tizkeh Lemitzvot. Hatzlacha Rabba.