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The Thrill of Shabbos

A young couple writes:

My husband lost his job about two months ago and is presently battling hepatitis.  If loosing a job and not having savings account to fall back on isn’t enough, now we are facing medical bills.  This along with the fear of others  coming down with this sickness is just draining my spirit.
Our newborn was such a blessing a few months ago, but does make my looking for even a part time work quite difficult.  I trust that Hashem will help my husband get back on his feet and be successful in finding a new job, but right now life is tough to have to deal with.
My real reason for writing was to tell you the thrill of Shabbos which returned to our home this past week.  All because of a box that we found at our door Friday morning as the children left to school.  Unfortunately I must admit that we have had to do without much of the regular Shabbos foods.  The chicken and fish that you sent were a treat.  
Your generosity to see that we enjoy there Shabbos Seudos again was just overwhelming.  Please pray that Hashem help us out of this predicament very soon for it is hard to bear such burdens.