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Everything We Could Possibly Need for Shabbos

Dear Tomche Shabbos,

I just thought I would share with you how grateful we are for the amazing organization you run.

I wish I could’ve preserved the look of delight on my kids’ faces as they emptied the box of yummy fruit, challah, and everything we could possibly need for Shabbos. Eliyahu Hanavi had come especially for us!

I was near tears.

You see, we are a healthy “normal” family, which unfortunately suffered the tragedy of divorce. Amidst pain and confusion, and trying to rebuild a life for ourselves, financial stress is the pits! Not knowing where money will come from next, and how we will buy food for Shabbos is emotionally straining, and extremely difficult. Please realize that having been financially secure before the divorce only aggravates the situation. My kids are not used to hearing “No Shabbos party this week” (because Mommy didn’t get to the grocery??) and have come to expect an occasional treat here & there. It’s so hard to watch their faces drooping when these innocent neshamalach are suffering so much more on a daily basis, just by living in their reality.

I watched the cabinets get emptier & emptier and being human as I am, I swallowed the lump in my throat, braved it, and just resorted to Hashem.

Thank you for being such a special shaliach to help us in our destitute time, and for doing it in such a beautiful, respectful manner. I can’t tell you enough what it means for me to wake up in the morning with the menuchas hanefesh of having food to cook for Shabbos.

May you be zoche to kol tuv and be able to continue being a wonderful shaliach for klal Yisroel.